Scholarly Edition

All volumes will follow MLA-CSE standards for scholarly editions, like the Bicentennial Edition, and include a historical essay, textual essay, and textual apparatus. The volume will also be available in both print and e-book formats.

The print volumes we intend to produce are as follows:

    Volume 1

    Letters and Early Epistolary Writings

    Edited by Philip Barnard, Elizabeth Hewitt, Mark L. Kamrath, John R. Holmes, and Fritz Fleischmann, with William Dorner

    Published April 2013

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    Volume 2

    The Monthly Magazine and Other Writings, 1789-1802

    Edited by Matthew Pethers, Leonard Von Morze, and Hilary Emmett

    Submit to MLA-CSE January 1, 2019

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    Volume 3

    The Literary Magazine and Other Writings, 1801-1807

    Edited by Robert Battistini, Michael Cody, and Karen Weyler

    MLA-CSE approved in 2017

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    Volume 4

    Political Pamphlets

    Edited by Mark L. Kamrath, Stephen Shapiro, and Maureen Tuthill

    Submit to MLA-CSE September 1, 2018

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    Volume 5

    Historical Sketches and Fragments

    Edited by Philip Barnard, Yvette Piggush, and Ed White

    Submit to MLA-CSE December 1, 2018

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    Volume 6

    The American Register and Other Writings, 1807-1810

    Edited by Jared Gardner and Elizabeth Hewitt with Andrew Kopec

    Submit to MLA-CSE August 1, 2018

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    Volume 7


    Edited by Michael Cohen and Alexandra Socarides

    MLA-CSE approved in 2017

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